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Jan 21, 2004
So, I've been absent...what's new?

Life is crazy.

School is crazy.

So amI.

Posted at 02:02 pm by Skip2mylu
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Jan 8, 2004
I'm a dreamer...but don't blame me.

I can dream of things that others can't even imagine.

I think I scare people with my willingness to believe in something they cannot see.

Growing up, I dreamed of nicer clothes and being a ballerina.

Today I dance my own dance, and I still dream of nicer clothes.

Growing up, I dreamed of being just like my Grandmama, what a joy she is.

Today, I am my Grandmama in all the best ways.  But I'm also me in some of the worst ways.

My scary dreams are beyond belief.  My happy dreams are really my life.

I've never seen my worst dreams come true, but I see my best dreams every day in the eyes of my babies.

Posted at 08:42 am by Skip2mylu
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Jan 5, 2004
It starts.

We found childcare for our three boys.

It's a home daycare.  She has 3 boys of her own, so mine should feel right at home! Lots of toys and a HUGE TV.  The boys loved it. 

I hate it.  I just hate leaving them.  It was such a nice place and we even met her husband.  They'll be happy there. 

But, WOW...what a step.


Posted at 06:26 pm by Skip2mylu
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Jan 2, 2004
We'll see how this goes.

So what do you think so far?

Posted at 06:19 pm by Skip2mylu
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